Video - Safiya & Flamingo High-low


Safiya is a happy and independent 4-year-old girl that always has a big smile on her face. She simply loved being at the center of attention on the day when these photos and videos were made together with R82. Just like us, Safiya is very proud of the outcome and it has become quite a hit with the other children that she is now starring in her own video. Click here and to watch the video: Safiya & Flamingo High-low
Flamingo High-low

The Flamingo High-low is a modern and comfortable toilet/bathing chair that fits into every bathroom. The inlay provides comfort for the user while the elegant design makes it easy for the carer to use. The height adjustable feature eliminates poor posture and allows caregivers to perform bathing and hygiene tasks in a convenient and good working position. Click here to learn more about the Flamingo High-low.



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