Introducing Strong Base

The Strong Base is, as the name indicates, a stable and very strong frame – and yet with a light design. It is particularly suited for large seats such as the x:panda size 4 and Panda Futura size 5. The seats can be mounted directly onto the frame or by means of an adaptor.

The frame has been designed with safety and functionality in mind. The shape ensures a stable and secure base also for spastic users with involuntary movements. The Strong Base is very compact and therefore requires only little space.

The Strong Base is available in one size. The frame is for indoor use and comes with either manual or spindle height adjustment. The spindle version for quick and easy adjustment, and the manual as a price attractive version with fixed adjustment.

The Strong Base has brakes and directional stabilizers on all four wheels which ensures optimum maneuverability for users and helpers.

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