R82’s sales company changes name to Etac

Etac _news Item Top Image _687x 235px


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x:panda side support type 0

Xpanda -side -supports -type -0


Side supports type 0

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Meerkat height adjustment

Meerkat -height -adjustment


Tool free height adjustment

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Extra seat width reduction for Heron

Heron _hip -support _236x 140px


Even smaller width in the Heron

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Communication holder for Kudu

Kudu _com -holder


New holder for communication device for Kudu

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Meerkat ratchet straps

Ratchet -strap _meerkat _236x 140


Padding for ratchet straps

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Flamingo High-low 100 mm castors + back reinforcement kit

Flamingo High -low 2020


The Flamingo High-low with 100 mm castors and reinforcement kit is now available as standard.

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Crocodile starter kit

Crocodile Starter Kit _News _236x 140


New accessory for the Crocodile walker. Starter Kit - My First Steps.

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Mustang comfort seat

Mustang Comfort Seat _236x 140


New comfort seat for Mustang walker.

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Flamingo High-low 2020 version

Flamingo High -low 2020


From January 2nd 2020, the Flamingo High-low will be supplied in a revised version.

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Foot box building parts for footplate

Foot Box Kit _236x 140px


The popular R82 footplate that appeared with the Wombat can now be build into a foot box

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Stingray wedge

Stingray -wedge _236x 140


A full-width seat wedge is now available to create a slight seat pit on the Stingray buggy.

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PU arm rest for Swan

PU-arm -rest -Swan _236x 140


New arm rests that double as a tray. 

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Torso vest for Cricket

Torso Vest For Cricket _236x 140


Cricket, the lightweight foldable buggy, now has a simple torso belt as a new accessory.

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Etac Group new CEO

Etac _Group _Logo _All _Brands


The board of Etac Group has appointed Fredrik Dalborg to be the new CEO.

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Swing-away arm rest for Wombat Living and Wombat Solo

Wombat Arm Rest _236x 140


New arm rests are now available for the Wombat Living and Wombat Solo activity chair providing additional functionality and user independence.

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Padding for tray with bowl

Padding For Tray _236x 140


We are now introducing a padding with several features for Caribou, Toucan and Gazelle

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Wombat Solo

Wombat -Solo _News -box -image _236x 140


Helping you reach optimum independence!

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Rabbit Up

Rabbit -Up _News -box -image _236x 140


Stand tall and roll into your next adventure with Rabbit Up!

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Comfortable potty training and bath-time fun!

Flamingo -poty -frame _Link -box -image _236x 140


Simply mount our existing Flamingo seat on the new potty frame and it can be used as a freestanding device for potty training or bathtime fun. The inlay of the seat provides...

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Rehacare - Exhibition in September

Rehahacare _236px


Rehacare is described as the leading trade fair - a forum for inspiration, professional development and knowledge sharing for all partners in the healthcare sector.

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Scallop featured in the Handicap Nyt magazine



The Danish magazine “Handicap Nyt” published an article about the “Innovation zone” on the Health & Rehab exhibition, where our Scallop is also featured (article in Danish)

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Xpanda -boys -News -box -image _236x 140


We have rethought the entire x:panda user seating experience and proud to introduce the newest generation of the R82 x:panda.

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Health & Rehab Scandinavia - Exhibition in May

Health -and -rehab -scandinavia


The fair is described as Scandinavia's most important meeting place - a forum for inspiration, professional development and knowledge sharing for all partners in the healthcare sector.

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R82-Meerkat -news -preview


Standing made easy and fun with the NEW R82 Meerkat. 

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Scallop at the Cooper Hewitt

Scallop -in -Cooper -Hewitt _NEWS


R82 Scallop to be featured at the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian, Design Museum ACCESS+ABILITY exhibition in New York City. 

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Bamboo -sitting


R82 has a new mascot and his name is Bamboo! 

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Wombat Living

Wombat Living News


The NEW Wombat Living, offers all the well-know features from the present Wombat Living but now with new and even better features and functions! 



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Heron with power

Heron with power


The NEW Heron with power, offers the well-know features of height adjustment, tilt-in-space and back recline, but now with extra ease and comfort for the helper.

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New _Cricket _News _front _236px


The Cricket is designed to suit you and your child’s needs and lifestyle. This user friendly buggy comes in two sizes and it adapts to the childs growth in several areas maximizing the number of years it can be used.

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R82 launches new webshop & product

Scallop _2_children _News


We are pleased to announce not only the launch of our brand new webshop but also the launch of the Scallop seat.

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Wombat Living

Wombat Living News


The Wombat Living is the new cool activity chair for toddlers, pre-schoolers, school children, teens and transition to grown-up.

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Blue Flamingo upholstery

Flamingo seat blue front


The Flamingo seat is designed to provide comfort for the user. It looks simple, yet it has several possibilities for individual adjustment.

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VIDEO: Safiya & Flamingo High-low



This is Safiya. A happy and independent girl - always with a big smile on her face. Click here and see for yourself.

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Flamingo High-low

Flamingo _HL_News _frontpage


Flamingo High-low is an elegant and comfortable toilet/bathing chair that fits into every bathroom. It comes with a cool height adjustment function, simple tilt-in-space and back recline features and has multi-purpose functions.

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New Stingray

236x 144px _New _Stingray _News _front


Living an active family life demands the right equipment. The new Stingray is a superbly stylish buggy with tool free adjustment of postural support and unique swivel action for forward/rearward facing options.

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ETAC acquires Convaid

Etac -acquires -Convaid


Etac acquires Convaid Products, Inc., a California US-based manufacturer of custom-made, compact-folding, lightweight, adaptive-assisted wheelchairs. Read more...

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Snug Seat proud to become R82 Inc.

Rebranding _live


We are proud to announce effective September 15, 2015 Snug Seat Inc. is now R82 Inc. Our business process has undergone a significant transformation since we started.

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Heron seat depth reduction kit

Heron seat depth reduction kit


The 45 cm seat depth which the Heron offers can be on the large side for some users - in those cases it is possible to add a seat depth reduction kit....

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Caribou helper's handle & height adjustable back support

Caribou helpers handle and back support


If you need something extra to hold onto when moving the Caribou around or when operating the tilt on the manual versions on...

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Dynamic back for Combi Frame:x

Combiframex dynamic back


For Combi Frame:x with built-in recline we now have a kit available that provides dynamic movement of the back rest. This can be particularly useful for users with...

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Snug Seat Inc. changing to R82 Inc.



We are proud to announce that we are evolving our subsidiary Snug Seat Inc. in America into R82 Inc. effective September 15, 2015.

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Multi Frame:x - A stable wheelchair base

Multi -Frame _x -News


The Multi Frame:x is the strong, stable and highly manoeuvrable wheelchair base for large seat units

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Mustang in new colours



Please welcome the Mustang size 2, 3 and 4 in new and optional colours; red, white and erbium ..

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Kudu - several NEW accessories

Kudu _accessories


The range of accessories for the multi adjustable Kudu is now extended by several items.

Kudu is a practical indoor and outdoor wheelchair which combines form and functionality.

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Combi Frame:x - NEW add-ons

Recline _web


Two NEW pieces of accessories has now been included to the comprehensive program of Combi Frame:x add-ons, providing the possibility of building an even more customized frame.

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R82 Academy



On April 13th -17th 2015, R82 Academy opened its doors to participants from several R82 Distributors. They came...

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Karoline and her Kudu

Karoline In Her Kudu _03_low


May we introduce to you: The wonderful and amazing Karoline starring in our new video.

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Kudu - A growth adaptable wheelchair



Brace yourself for Kudu - a growth adaptable wheelchair for comfort and support

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Heron - a multi-functional toilet and bathing seat

Heron _news


The Heron is the newest addition to R82’s toilet and bath line-up. It is a convenient toilet and bathing seat designed to meet day-to-day needs encountered by both users and carers...

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Rehacare 2014

Rehacare _News


R82 welcomes you to Rehacare 2014...

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New E-catalogue



The new 2014/2015 E-catalogue is now available for download...

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Orca - A spacious bath tub



The Orca is a spacious bath tub that provides comfort and freedom of movement for your child.

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New videos available

News New Videos


New videos are now available under the support section...

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Combi Frame:x - a unique wheelchair frame

Combi Frame X_news _image


The new Combi Frame:x is a unique wheelchair frame for customized and moulded seating systems...

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Active Company wins award

Russian _award


The Active Company Ltd., Sankt-Petersburg, Russia, has been awarded a government award "Golden Star of glory"...

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Caribou – a renewed design for standing frames

News _caribou


The Caribou is a new elegant stander expanding the existing line of standing frames from R82. An anatomic design following the shape of the user’s body means only the needed support is given and nothing is in the way...

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Crocodile 3 - new member of the crocodile family

News _crocodile


We are proud to introduce the new Crocodile size 3, which completes the Crocodile family. The Crocodile basic walker is now available in three different sizes and is suitable for a large group of children and youngsters...

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e-Catalogue on tablets and smartphones

News _tablets


It is now possible to watch the R82 e-Catalogue on tablets and smartphones...

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Change of leadership in the Etac Group

News _R82


Peter Hentschel has been CEO of the Etac Group since February 2011. At that time the Board of Etac asked Peter to take on the role as the interim CEO...

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Learn more about our Mustang

News _Mustang


At REHACARE 2011 we had the pleasure of presenting two new sizes – 3 and 4 – of the Mustang at our exhibition stand. The new sizes were warmly received by visitors who showed considerable interest...

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Introducing Strong Base

News _strongbase


The Strong Base is, as the name indicates, a stable and very strong frame – and yet with a light design. It is particularly suited for large seats such as the x:panda size 4 and Panda Futura size 5...

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