Q: Has my child grown out of their R82 product?

A: You will find the dimensions for all R82 products in the catalogue on our website. The first step to checking whether your product can be adjusted is to measure your child and compare these measurements with the dimension chart. We have a simple guide to measuring that may help you. Always measure your child lying on a flat surface to improve accuracy. If there is room for growth you will find instructions for this in your manual. If the product is now too small please contact your therapist or dealer for assistance. 

Product failure

Q: My product is not working, what should I do?

A: If your product is not working as it should then you should stop using it until the problem has been found and solved. You should investigate the problem by first establishing exactly what the problem is. Sometimes it is possible for a safety lock to be engaged that prevents an adjustment being made and the product is not broken at all. The manual for each product is very clear and you should look for the section that deals with the specific issue you have. If you cannot find a solution in the manual then you should call your dealer with a full description of the problem so that they can help you. It is often useful to have a photograph to illustrate the problem. If you are able to take a picture and email it to your dealer this will make it much easier for them to help you.

Product breakage

Q: My product is broken, who do I call?

A: The arrangements for repairs will differ from area to area. To make sure that you receive the fastest possible response you should collect as much information as possible for the repairer. If spare parts are required it is better for these to be available at the first visit. Knowing which parts may be required to make a repair is important and you can help by providing detailed description of the broken parts and photographs where possible. Once you have this information your first call should be to the organisation, dealer or company that provided you with the product. Keep a record of your calls and who you spoke to as this often helps if the work has to be referred on to other agencies.

Product advice

Q: How do I know which product will be right for my child?

A: Choosing the right product for your child takes time and care. R82 work with health professionals around the world to design products that meet clearly defined clinical, functional and environmental needs. Your therapist is normally the most important person in choosing the right product for your child. They will work with you to identify your own child’s needs and plan the use of equipment to support both therapy and daily living goals. Our advisors will work with you and your therapist to prescribe the best possible solution for you but we recommend that you speak to your therapist first before investigating equipment. You will find the contact details for your nearest R82 office on the website.

Q: Which exhibitions do you recommend?

A: Naturally, we recommend the exhibitions where you will be able to find R82! There are a number of national and regional exhibitions held throughout the year. Please find the exhibition dates here. If you have particular interest in a product area or would like advice for more local events please email these details to R82 and our team will give you the information you need.


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