• Crocodile _starter Kit _Slider Banner _2

    Crocodile Starter Kit

    My First Steps. Retrofitting the Crocodile size 1 into a smaller size

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  • Wombat -Solo -Slider -banner5

    NEW Wombat Solo

    Helping you reach optimum independence!

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  • Flamingo _2020 Version

    NEW Flamingo High-low

    Flamingo High-low in the new 2020 version

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  • Slider Banner _Wombat Arm Rest

    NEW Swing-away arm rest

    Swing-away arm rest for Wombat Living and Wombat Solo

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  • Rabbit -Up -slider -banner -3

    NEW Rabbit Up

    Stand tall and roll into your next adventure with Rabbit Up!

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Crocodile Starter Kit

Crocodile Starter Kit

Introducing a new accessory!
The Crocodile starter kit – My First Steps is a new accessory for the Crocodile walker size 1.

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Meet Bamboo the R82 mascot

News Meet Bamboo

Meet Bamboo!
We are delighted to introduce you to the cutest member of the R82 team! Meet Bamboo, our R82 mascot. 

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R82 Catalogue

R82 Catalogue

The R82 2020/2021 e-catalogue is now available in a new design featuring new items.



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